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Healingness Course

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First time in India

Most awaited data transfer moment for life

Breathing Diagnosis 
& Organs Psychological 
(PROF DAVID LUJAN (Spain) writer of 8 Books.
on 10th & 12th Dec 2022.(Mumbai)

David Lujan obtained a Psychology degree from the Autonomy University of Madrid Spain, 1998 He also undertook several courses in psychology at: - The Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, University of Amsterdam (Holland) - Griffith University (Australia) - National University of Ireland, Maynooth (Ireland) 

He developed theories such as: • Natural Acupuncture • Pericardium Natural Treatments • The Natural Wheel of Health and Balance • The Angle theory • The Tower of Communication • Main diagnosis throughout breathing • Natural Meridians (renamed of all points) • The definition and work throughout Subconscious (inner organs) • Subconscious pulse taking • The pathological relationships between organs (Sadistic/Masochistic) 
He is also the author of 8 books published in Spain and all South America (two of them are now in English):

1. The reflexive Universe: The crazy option rejected by Einstein (published by Almuzara 2006)

2. Foundations for a new order (published by Sepa 2008)

3. 101 Oriental teaching for health and balance (published by CCS Editorial 2009)

4. Manual of Natural Acupuncture (published by Almuzara 2011) (Translated  into English)

5.  The Group Report: Cancer disease (published by Almuzara 2012) (Translated into English)

6. The Inner Palaces: a story of our subconsciousness (published by Almuraza 2016).

First time in india.
Diagnosis throgut our breathing observation and the recovery of health

1. Characteristic of Organs.
2.Inner Relationships Between Organs.
3.Balance Between all organs & 5 elements.
4.Understand how Behaviour Change.
5.Stress & Emotions Creation.
6.Behaviour Hypotication.
7.What Question to ask.

Day 1 

10:00 – Worldwide studies about health and longevity. Analisys and conclusions.  

11:00 The connecting motions of our breathing within our body

12:00 Tower of Communication: observing the lungs 

13:00 Lunch break 

14:30 - The wheel of Health and Balance

15:00 – Diagnosis and re-education of breathing: demonstrations and practices

17:30 – Closing time. 

Day 2 

10:00 - The gathering centers of Prana
10:30 - Heart: the International Trader
11:00 - Liver: the Great General
11:30 - Spleen: the Workers
12:00 Kidney: Family Tree 

13: Lunch break 

14:30 - Lungs: distributer
15:00 – Diagnosis and re-education of breathing: demonstrations and practices

17:30 – CERTIFICATE will be AWARDED from Spain institutions.

To all Acupuncturist,Acupressure,Natropathy,Yoga in natural health care therapist.

Date: 10th & 12th December 2022.
Venue: Mayor Hall, Mumbai.
Time: 11am to 6pm.

Talent EXCHANGE fees is 11000rs before 30th Nov.after 30th Nov it's 13000rs. 

Registration charges 2000rs.
Fee includes.tution fees,notes,lunch,tea,snacks,Note,pad,
maintenance expenses.
To reserve your seat Direct call/msg on this number.

Siddik 9819908055.


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