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Healer Siddique Shaikh is a leading acupuncturist in Mumbai, having extensive knowledge and experience in this field. To date, he has treated more than 10000 patients for a diverse and wide range of conditions and ailments.

He is an expert in treating neurological and psychosomatic disorders, pain management, sciatica, paralysis, infertility, depression, stroke, frozen shoulder, etc., using the healing power of acupuncture.

Healer Siddique Shaikh credits his success to the fact that he understands that each patient he treats has particular needs based on unique symptoms and lifestyles. His mission is to provide therapies that are adapted to the patient’s specific needs.

Being an experienced acupuncturist in Mumbai, he uses traditional healing practices and cutting-edge technologies to assess underlying energetic imbalances, identify problems that may be present, and offer the best healthcare and well-being to all patients.

He is the Practitioner at Meridian Clinic at Kurla West and a Consultant Acupuncturist and Health Care Center at Mumbai Central, Mumbai. At our clinic, we help our patients achieve health and well-being by treating both the mind and body. We pride ourselves on the services we provide our patients, such as acupuncture, chiropractic treatment, hijama cupping therapy in Mumbai, etc..

Siddique Shaikh uses a natural healing system, including special diets, herbs, massage, and other therapies that aid therapeutic processes without surgery or synthetic drugs. Unlike allopathic treatments, this drugless alternative can cure as well as prevent disease.

Apart from providing alternative healing therapy, our clinic also offers physiotherapy. Our highly experienced physiotherapist has years of experience in this field.

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Acupuncture is a time-tested therapy practiced for thousands of years in the Far East. It is a technique that involves inserting extremely thin needles into your skin at specific points on your body. Acupuncture, a central component of traditional Chinese medicine, is most widely used to relieve pain.

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Hijama (Cupping therapy)

Cupping therapy is one of the most ancient and powerful ways to remove toxins from body tissue and organs. Nowadays, many people opt for hijama cupping therapy in Mumbai due to its healing and relaxing effects. It is a technique in which Siddique Shaikh creates suction by placing special cups on the skin.

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Spine and bone alignment

The spinal cord, which links the central nervous system to every part of the body, is protected by the spine. Most ailments and problems can be traced back to the central nervous system. Strain and pressure can affect the nervous system by blocking normal circulation and causing damage to the connecting vertebra.

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Chiropractic treatment

Chiropractor in Mumbai treats patients with hands-on spinal manipulation and other alternative therapy. According to the theory, proper alignment of the body’s musculoskeletal structure, especially the spine, will allow the body to heal without medication and surgery. Manipulation is used to restore mobility.

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Most Effective Treatment

Siddique Shaikh is passionate about his work and provides every patient with the best treatment. He offers customized care and treatments you deserve. He has helped thousands of people live healthy lives.


With a Touch of Kindness

Our treatment plans are made according to your specific needs, ensuring that you receive the best possible care. Nutritional counseling, herbal consultations, cupping therapy Mumbai, and other modalities are often included in the services we provide to our patients.


Individual Approach to Patient

We takes the time to provide each patient with a detailed evaluation. We work tirelessly to ensure that you recover properly. You can be assured that we only accept patients who we are certain can benefit from our services.


Advanced Proven Procedures

Healer Siddique Shaikh is a well-known acupuncturist in Mumbai, having years of experience in alternative healing therapies. He uses holistic ways to improve your health by preventing diseases with the fundamental healing properties of mind, body, soul.

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I was suffering from back pain & neck pain from last 3-4 years. Dr Siddique helped me with the Treatment of Accupunture & Hijama & I recovered from this pain in just 4 days.
Big Thanks to Dr. siddique.
I Will recommend to all.
i was problem in 6 years in neck and shoulder,numbnes,tigling & giddiness . now I am feel better , Dr siddique has treatee in accupucture therepy also chiropractic treatment.i am healthy now.
My personal experience at this clinic and Dr Siddique was worth each penny I spent. I had neck, shoulder, back, and knee pain which after 10 session is perfectly healed. I would surely recommend to my known people if they have these problems. I am happy that I am fit and fine again without any medicine with the help of this doctor. Bless you doctor Siddique Sheikh.
Since 5years,unable to walk pain in back and legs swollen,now after the treatment,now in able to walk and happy.
This Dr can cure any one,my mom age 76was having multiple problems,here she came caring 4person,now she can walk.
I was having full body pain since 10 years, the reports was just taking me to pain killers which was not suitable for me, thanks God for reference of Dr siddique has healed my body I cant sit on floor since 10 years, now I can pray my salah, thank you.
Jamshad Shaikh
basit junakiya
Khizar ali khan
Mangala Waghmare
Ruksana 5

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